A rant on neutrality and tolerance

Let me start by saying, for all the technological advances my generation has at their disposal, for all the advances in civil rights and social acceptance, this world is FILLED with narrow minded fucking idiots. This has been bubbling below the surface for a very long time so here’s my disclaimer: I WILL NOT BE NICE. I WILL NEVER SUGAR COAT ANYTHING. AND IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ANYTHING I HAVE TO SAY SUCH IS YOUR RIGHT BUT ARGUE WITH NOTHING LESS THAN LOGIC. Now. When I refer to narrow minded idiots, specific types of people might spring to mind. But if you ar thinking of Christians, “breeders” or “crackers”, I urge you instead to take a hard god damn look in the mirror. THIS IS WHAT PISSES ME OFF! THIS IS WHAT CONTINUES TO PERPETUATE HATE IN OUR WORLD! I’m tired of seeing atheists (or any other faith) start a fucking debate because someone had the nerve to say “praise god” to something positive or pray for someone during troubling times. Case in point, an 8 year old boy dies in a house fire trying to save his grandpa after waking the rest of the family and making sure they get out safely. Sad sad story, right? Than someone has to get all in a hissy amid all these heartwarming comments because someone mentioned God. Do they think they are doing the boys memory or his family any good by arguing whether or not God had anything to do with it? No. In fact maybe the family believes in the same god and finds comfort in those words. But you don’t consider that do you? You don’t consider that you could be offending a grieving family. You can only think that your own sensibilities were offended by the MERE MENTION of the Christian god. Let’s look at this attitude. An immediate retaliation against what you don’t feel is a valid view… Sounds a bit like how this pious assholes IN said faith treated us “heathens” for centuries. I’m a fucking pagan and bisexual to boot so may not agree with their faith but anything short of a verbal attack is NOT grounds for any kind of hostility. But people become that which they hate, it seems. It’s everywhere. As the once persecuted minority finally is treated with respect or a sense of acceptance, suddenly they start behaving the way everyone else did to them. Don’t believe me? We have atheists lashing out and insulting Christian’s for a simple “God bless you” or “praise god”. White people that don’t like Obama or Kanye are automatically called racists. I don’t like either of them either but call me a racist and I’ll have a fuck-ton of friends, a few ex boyfriends and people I call family laughing in your face. You’re only grounds for thinking I’m racist is that the color of my own skin doesn’t match who I’m talking about. Perpetuating racism. Plenty of people are guilty of that. As unpopular as I may be for saying so, I think the Treyvon Martin case is a damn good example. I’m not saying Zimmerman was in the right mind you. At the VERY least he should have listened to the dispatcher and not followed Treyvon. My issue in the case of Treyvon Martin was making it a race issue. Why was that the assumption? Maybe Zimmerman didn’t trust teenagers in general? Maybe he was just a guard who let what little power he had go to his head and got trigger happy. Because the color of their skin didn’t match it became a a race related crime. It caused so much race related tension across the nation the word racist was thrown around like it was the word AND. What ever happened to Martin Luther King’s vision of a beautiful community? He wanted to be part of a color blind world. Will we ever learn to be that way? There’s a huge difference between pride in your heritage and this blind aggression toward people that differ from us. Even in the LGBTQ community I’ve seen this kind of poison. Straight people aren’t “breeders” they aren’t “just gay and don’t know it yet”. They too love who they love and that’s just that. Do people not understand the definition of equality when they fight for it? Feminist that treat men like lesser beings are just as terrible as men prior to the war for women’s rights and they make me feel sick for my gender. I’m not a racist, a breeder or a weak woman because I’m raising a child with a man and not the major breadwinner. I’m not “just a mom” as feminazi’s may view me. I am molding an independent and compassionate mind that could help shape the future of the whole world. Lesbians aren’t all man haters, gays aren’t all drama queens, we bisexuals aren’t all confused or whores looking for attention. Not all white people that don’t like Obama feel that way because of his skin. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all Christians are going to be rude and shove their faith down your throat. Some of them even practice the love they preach. The ones that ACT as Christians will surprise you. The word Christian means Christ-like and THAT is why I stick up for their faith. Not only is it their right and they shouldn’t have to change their docturine to suit the outside world (unless you’re going to ask all others to do so as well), but because when you look at the actions of Christ in the bible, he isn’t a pious prick. Actually, the only people you read about Jesus laying into and really having words with, are religious assholes and his own disciples. He chewed Peter a new asshole for being a jackass. He tore the outer temple to pieces and lost his shit because worshippers allowed it to be tainted by traders and the exchange of personal gain. He saved Mary Magdalene from being stoned to death by a bunch of self-righteous dicks. Regardless of how the Christian faith and how it feels about my sexuality or practices, I respect the TRUE practice of it. I believe we all need to be so open-minded. Why retaliate to things that aren’t in their meaning insulting? There no reason SHARING opinions can’t be met with maturity and understanding. This exchange of hostilities, (usually without any logical reasoning at all or people get huffy and logic goes out the window) it’s just pathetic. I guess, all my bitching comes down to this…. What is equality if not an even playing field for us ALL to live our lives without being stomped on for it? Why perpetuate hostility and then expect respect for our own opinions? I implore you all to consider this next time you disagree with anyone’s lifestyle in anyway. Your opinion may differ but did their statement come from heart or hate. Take a minute to ask yourself that question before deciding the tone with which you address them. Respond in kind.